Fused with a structure that crosses from alternative to pop, Ty Openshaw has a soft and soulfully smooth tune on his hands. The simple and emotional vocals will suck you in. If that doesn't do it, his lyrics are perfect for a one-on-one self session.”

James Brookes

Ty is an American musician and singer-songwriter born and raised in Down East Maine.

His popularity began in middle school as he supported touring bands that traveled near his town. At a young age Openshaw created a guitar and vocal wall of sound by playing his instruments in combination with mesmerizing electronics. With a voice that is raw, soulful and speaks emotional truth, Openshaw engages listeners and encourages them to lose themselves in the melodic message he delivers with every show. 

“Sing Along”, Ty’s first official EP, combines modern sonic accessibility with an organic song writer based tradition to crate a radio friendly sound all his own!

“Melody” best describes  Openshaw. The songs are meant to be played over and over, and audiences will often over power Openshaw by singing his songs back to him. A sight and sound to behold! “Sometimes it is scary to hear so many people singing my lyrics, but it does suggest that I must be saying something true and authentic to get them so worked up”.

He is no stranger to the club circuit and has worked at The Bitter End in New York City, The World Live Cafe in Philadelphia and performed at the Celebration of Voices in Orlando, Florida.

Ty has also opened for John Michael Montgomery and Lee Greenwood, at the Balsam Valley Amphitheater . He also recently won an online competition "Best Live Performance "from the Real Deal Workshop.


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